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Te llevamos la fibra a casa en las poblaciones que hemos desplegado fibra te instalamos una ONT (router) en el interior del domicilio conectado a nuestra central mediante una fibra la ONT dispone de doble banda de WI-FI 2,4 Ghz y 5 Ghz, con 2 salidas de linea telefónica compatibles con FAX o sistemas de de alarmas, una salida para conectar toda tu casa con señal de TV para que todas las televisiones tengan señal de TV y ademas se puedan ver canales diferentes de forma simultánea, la ONT también tiene hasta 5 bocas de ethernet para conectar diferentes dispositivos, PCs, impresoras.... Si no disponemos aun de fibra en tu población se realiza una conexión inalámbrica instalamos un pequeño receptor en la zona alta de la vivienda que enlaza y realiza un túnel con nuestros repetidores de fibwi, desde el receptor llevamos un cable de UTP al interior de tu vivienda, en la mayoría de los casos empleamos los mismos conductos de la antena de televisión o del satélite.

Si quieres línea fija de teléfono, disponemos de diversos servicios. Consulta nuestras FAQ más abajo o nuestros productos y servicios.

Si además contratas telefonía móvil con nosotros no tienes que hacer nada más que introducir nuestra tarjeta (SIM) en un terminal móvil compatible o consulta nuestras promociones para obtener uno.

Somos el primer operador de las Islas Baleares que engloba todas las tecnologías para conseguir un buen precio para nuestros clientes.

Tenemos una amplia gama de promociones y tarifas.

En todo caso, si tienes alguna consulta la puedes realizar rellenando el formulario de contacto pulsando

Faq - How to hire?

Payments are made through credit card or bank debit.
Prices may vary depending on what precises.
The high price of the equipment includes the installation and programming of ownership Fibwi Ltd.
You can purchase a Wi-Fi (router), si no lo tienes, for the interior of your home, especially for a un precio modico our customers, that point will be a Wi-Fi router or the access of your property and is not subject to a residence in any case.
No need to sign stay, but if you do get discounts on high service.
Hiring loose months it is accompanied by a rise in the price of high with an increase of 85 € + VAT, plus 6 months minimum contract.
The connection to Fibi does not need any phone line from another operator, is more just hire what you need, do not impose hiring a hotline to offer internet, which makes it ideal if you stay long away from home and you do just using mobile.

Faq - Products

You can have a telephone line in the country you want. For example, you can hire a line from London and when they call from London not pay because they will be making a local call. However, your cost will be the same for calls you have an English or Spanish number.)
You see the number calling you If you have a phone with display and you can also see the number on your phone pad to access the customer area. When consulting the list, you will find a list in which you recorded incoming and other relevant information such as the date, time and call time elapsed calls.
You can have the phone you want, you only need to take preinstalled, and even settle a small unit to prevent sound all at once and therefore hearers from another phone in your home while you talk.
I want to see my number: If you have a telephone with display screen you can see your number to identify the call and will not respond later missed call and will give it back. If where you make a phone call will see your number on the screen.
More than one line: Fibwi it gives you the possibility of hiring of lines you want to incoming numbers from any country, you can contact or take any questions you have on the following number 971 940 971, where our consultants will help you choose the option that best fits your needs.
Fibwi puts at your disposal client area to which you can access the list of calls with your USER and Password. This list is sorted by date and time. You also have that same panel the option to see the price list for different countries. The USER and Password you the confidentially to facilitate the hiring of the line.
You have to have a username and password to access the list of the calls you made, sorted by date and time. In the same panel you have the option to see the price list for different countries. You also have the ability to export to an Excel document ordered the purchases made through our filter. The username and password you the confidentially facilitate the recruitment of the line.
Service offered by fiber optics and IP services Fibwi.
The costs of services your company in telecommunications, can study for free and before hiring we will provide a study which will specify how much you can expect to save on your bills telecommunications industry.
Now get everything in one bill is not a problem, you may have fixed, mobile and Internet and also benefit from savings telephony.
We know that your company can not be stopped and for a small extra charge, we have developed a service that guarantees constant using a backup all services telecommunications industry, ensuring written guarantee your services. In practice are two channels are switched automatically and send us a notice informing of possible breakdown.
If your company is separate and has no existing cable or is not up to your needs, we have no limits. We make a study for civil works and install fiber or radio systems by professional licensed frequencies offered by the Ministry of Telecommunications of Spain.
We have an emergency service that can hire apart from the existing standard service. We understand that your work can be important and that do not stop, a technical team will support you on any day at any time - 24 hours 7 days - acting and solving the problem in record time. Find out about service PLATINIUM. Consultation Service study Platinum that best fits your needs.
Prices may vary depending on your needs. Visit our products section to see our Internet rates.
Also visit our Promotions section, in which you all take insurance pleasantly surpised
Fibwi, has a device and platform to allow the hiring of megs on demand, regardless of common services. You can contact to discuss your requirements in particular.
The coverage of our system is almost the whole island of Mallorca, covering most of the areas we serve. We are making and ending a few points on the island of Menorca and Ibiza, and it is preferable that we call the 971 940 971 or directly from the contact form to know what the network deployment for your area
Por lo que con nuestras tarifas móviles podrás disfrutar de la misma cobertura que cualquier cliente que tenga contratado su línea con Orange.
Y adquirir una tarjeta SIM de Fibwi Mobile. También puedes adquirir tu terminal libre en Fibwi Mobile.
Sólo tienes que darnos una copia de tu DNI, una factura de tu compañía actual y el número de ICC de tu tarjeta móvil, con estos datos nosotros gestionamos la portabilidad. El trámite es de aproximadamente una semana.